YOG Events:

YOG Teachers Level III Training Camps

Level III training camps are being organized till December 2009, with Swami Ramdevji, Shardey Acharya Balkrishanji, and many other scholars in Haridwar. It is a golden opportunity for all our Yog Teachers who have not already done the Level III. Please talk to other teachers and finalize your program. Complete the registration form sent earlier and give us minimum 14 days notice before the camp starting date so that we can register you with Haridwar office.

To see the latest Level III event: [CLICK HERE]

If any one who has not done the Level I course and wants to become Patanjali Yog Teacher and give the free service of teaching yog to others, he or she can also join these camps for level III now and complete the Level I & II afterwards in USA. They must register for Level I & II in advance and make a donation of $302 ($201 for Level I & $101 for Level II) that covers the cost of Books/DVDs etc.

Level II Test - We will be sending the test soon as Haridwar is almost finished designing it. Sorry for this delay as many of you are very eager to take the test. After you complete Level I, II & III, you will be issued a certificate of a Patanjali Yog Teacher & I D Card from Patanjali Haridwar office.

Yog Classes - We request every one to start Yog Classes if not done already in your communities, in temples and other places. Our mission is to make the world healthy - Physically, Mentally & Spiritually.

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